Threat Level

The safety of the school environment where children and employees spend much of their day is a top priority.  Wood County School officials and Wood County Agencies have reviewed safety plans in the case of a Threat Level Red being declared by the United State Department of Homeland Security.

Should a Threat Level Red be announced:

Before school hours
A decision will be made concerning whether schools will be opened or closed.  IF SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED, all activities and events scheduled for any district facility will be cancelled.  Normal school operations will remain closed until advised to re-open by the Wood County Emergency Response Coalition.

During school hours
School buildings will be secured and remain open until the regular dismissal time unless otherwise directed by the Wood County Emergency Response Coalition.  All after-school activities and events will be cancelled.  Parents/guardians may pick up students at school during the remainder of the day following normal sign out procedures at each building.  Proper identification will be required (e.g., drivers license).

How can you help?

1. Please remain calm
2. Keep in mind that a Threat Level Red does not necessarily mean our area is in imminent danger.